Zebra ZM400 Configuration Page

Zebra ZM400 Configuration Page

A little unsure about what is going on with your Zebra ZM400 printer and need to get a look at the internal settings of the printer at a glance? There’s a simple way to do this and you can do it right from the printer, with or without a computer connected. Utilize our Zebra ZM400 Configuration page.

Printing a configuration page will tell a long story about the condition of your printer. Not only does it provide a quick internal diagnostic test but it also prints a detailed specification sheet for further analysis. Details such as what DPI model it is, the speed and darkness settings are displayed as well as all the sensor settings and whether they are within their tolerances of operation. You can ascertain how many inches of labels have passed through your ZM400 as well as if it has the latest and greatest firmware available.

With the printer powered on and at an idle state (no errors on the LCD screen), enter the menu by pressing the Setup/Exit button and using the + button to scroll to the entry called ‘List Setup’. Next, press the ‘Select’ button (check mark) and press the + button. The printer should then print a configuration page.

Another quick and easy way to print a configuration page from your ZM400 is by powering the printer off with the switch on the back of the printer. Press and hold the ‘Cancel’ button while switching the power back on. Continue holding the ‘Cancel’ button until the printer begins to feed labels and then release. After a short calibration the printer should print a configuration page.

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Zebra ZM400 Configuration Page

Zebra ZM400 Configuration Page

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