Why Choose BCTP?

Why Choose BCTP?
  • 14+ Years of Experience
  • Top Technicians
  • Money Back
  • Warranty
  • Certification

At Barcode Trading Post, our mission is comprised of three elements.

  • To create the maximum value for customers who wish to liquidate used or surplus barcode equipment, from barcode scanners, barcode printers, data collectors and RF equipment, to point-of-sale products.
  • To lead the AIDC industry in providing used barcode equipment at an affordable price, from the latest technologies to discontinued and legacy products.
  • To help the customer get the absolute maximum ROI on your barcode equipment and keep your business up and running by providing affordable repair services, with free evaluations and fast turn around times.


Our philosophy rests on relationship sales. BCTP’s experienced sales team will create a solution tailored to your application and budget. Every solution is built upon a comprehensive understanding of the application, to ensure maximum efficiency. Our success rests upon creating a partnership with every customer – for your current and future barcode needs. Our focus on service extends to the BCTP purchasing process as well. The streamlined process is designed to give you the best offer for your equipment, with minimal investment of your time. We pride ourselves on the fact that our level of customer service ensures people who choose to do business with us once, will choose BCTP for their used barcode needs again.

bctp customer supportSupport

Support doesn’t end with the sale. BCTP offers free technical support, both pre and post-purchase. Our technical support group boasts extensive experience in systems integration and is certified annually to ensure we have up-to-date technical knowledge on the latest innovations in barcoding. The support we offer is designed to guarantee your satisfaction, and is backed by a 30-day warranty.


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