Trade In Your Barcode Equipment

Trade In Your Barcode Equipment
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Put your used or damaged barcode equipment to good use with Barcode Trading Posts trade-in program. Get your FREE Barcode Consultation >

Trade In Your Barcode Equipment

Regardless of condition or functionality, Barcode Trading Post will make an offer on your used equipment—and you will receive our most competitive offer when utilizing your trade-in benefits to upgrade existing equipment!

Many of our customers choose to trade in when they:

  • Are moving to a new location, and don’t want to take old gear
  • Expand their business to need better quality or newer barcode equipment
  • Experience difficulties, malfunctions or breakage, and want to recycle these items
  • Don’t like the look or feel of their current model, or want to have product conformity
  • Have equipment that has reached end-of-life and is found to be more effective to replace rather than repair

Barcode Makeover

Trading in working products is a convenient way to evolve your business without breaking your budget. At Barcode Trading Post, we ensure that you get the best possible value for your still-working barcoding gear trade-ins so that the decision to upgrade can be an easy one to make.

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BCTP Trade In Process


Trade In Your Barcode Equipment - testimonial by Brendan


With the department growing, we needed to refresh our barcoding operation. Instead of purchasing an entire set from PSC or Wasp we decided to look for an affordable option. The "barcode makeover" we received from BCTP has improved our team's output; we upgraded from non-rugged scanners to an entire set of more accurate, rugged scanners.

Trade In Your Barcode Equipment - testimonial by Trevor


We sent in several dated scanners, a printer, and a handful of accessories to see what BCTP could offer us in return. I was happy to learn the old equipment went for a good amount of credit, which we ended up using for another BCTP purchase.