Zebra 105SL Printhead Repair

Zebra 105sl Printhead

Are you having Zebra 105sl printhead issues? One way to detect if you are having printhead issues is if you are noticing your printer leaving white stripes where the print should be. If you are noticing this problem, it most likely points to a zebra 105sl printhead issue, so here are some things to look for to repair it.

One of the first things to look for is to inspect the print head for any waxy residue. Often times the ribbon will leave behind a waxy residue that blocks the printhead from working correctly. A piece of a label could also prevent the print head from working correctly so check for that as well. If there is anything on the printer that could possibly cause a misprint be sure to clean the printhead. If you’ve cleaned the debris from the printhead but the problems still persist there are  a variety of other solutions.

If you’re still having Zebra 105sl print head issues after inspecting and cleaning, start by checking the cable connection to ensure it is not loose. Sometimes a loose connection could cause the printer to go in and out of print, leaving behind white marks on the print itself. If it is not loose, try to increase the burn temperature. If you increase the burn temperature it is likely to darken the print to be visible.

Next, make sure the print speed is too fast. Lowering the print speed could cause a more dark and accurate print and fix your zebra 105sl printhead issues. Another quick fix could be ensuring the ribbon is loaded along the correct ribbon path. An incorrect load is likely to cause misprints and even white streaks along the print. If your problems persist after these solutions, it is possible the printer elements have failed and are in need of repair. If that is the case, let the experts of Barcode Trading Post give you a free quote on repairs and then fix it and ship it back to you! Contact us below for any further questions or quotes.


Zebra 105sl printhead

Zebra 105sl printhead

Zebra 105sl printhead

Zebra 105sl printhead

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