Zebra 105SL Calibration Repair

Zebra 105sl Calibration

Are you having a Zebra 105sl calibration issue? A couple good ways to tell is if when trying to print media, it prints unevenly across the label, prints along the gaps of the labels, or fails to stop printing at the tear labels.  If these issues are occurring there is a likely chance you have a Zebra 105sl calibration issue and it needs a repair.

One of the first things to look at is the media sensor to ensure nothing is covering the light beam or the sensor. They should be aligned above each other to detect gaps in the labels and print accordingly. If these sensors are blocked or damaged in any way it could also cause a misprint in the media. First and foremost cleaning the sensors and clearing the beam and receiver of any debris could fix your problem. However, if the sensors are confirmed to be in order then the calibration might need adjusting.

To fix the Zebra 105sl calibration issue, next you want to align the beam and sensor directly above and below to ensure they are catching the signal of gaps in the label. Once that is done, you will want to preform a manual label re-calibration from the menu of the printer.  This can be preformed from the LCD display under the Media and Ribbon-Calibration menu item. Follow the steps of unloading the ribbon and placing it back in the feed to re-calibrate your printer.

If the still doesn’t fix your Zebra 105sl calibration issue, reset the printer to its factory default. This should return all settings back to its original setting even the media and ribbon calibration settings. If after these procedures are performed if your printer still malfunctions you could be looking at a different problem. See our experts at Barcode trading post to get a free quote on getting your printer repaired.

zebra 105sl calibration

zebra 105sl calibration

zebra 105sl calibration

zebra 105sl calibration

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