Zebra 105SL Ribbon Sensor Repair

Zebra 105sl ribbon sensor

Are you having Zebra 105sl ribbon sensor issues? Noticing a gap in the print, misprinting, or even having your printer display a “ribbon out” error while there is plenty of ribbon inside the printer could all be signs of a ribbon sensor fault. To prevent flaws in the print, here are some things to look at.

One of the first things you want to do is take a look at your Zebra 105sl Ribbon Sensor. There should be a beam shining from the printer into a receiver, be sure to make sure there are no printer labels or debris covering it. If there seems to be some waxy residue or debris then be sure to clean the ribbon sensor entirely so there is nothing blocking the beam. If there is not, make sure the beam or receiver not compromised in any way. If the beam is compromised you might have to replace the sensor and restart the printer.

Next if you’re still having print errors, you want to check the connection of the logic board to the printer. If the replacement of the ribbon sensor doesn’t work there is a good chance that it was faulting because of a damaged or unconnected logic board.  If the Zebra 105sl ribbon sensor error persist feel free to send your printer into the experts at Barcode trading post to ensure you get the best repairs available to you or visit our Zebra 105sl Printer not printing correctly page to view more of our solutions.

Zebra 105sl ribbon sensor

Zebra 105sl ribbon sensor


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