Zebra 110Xi III Plus Not Calibrating

Zebra 110Xi III Plus Not Calibrating

Zebra 110Xi III Plus Not Calibrating? There are times when a printer will need to be calibrated or even recalibrated. When the label print is skewed from the correct position, the printer doesn’t stop the roll on the tear line or if the printer feeds more than one label at a time then you might have a calibration issue. There are a couple things to look for and try when getting a Zebra 110Xi III+ printer to recalibrate the media.

First, and most important, is to ensure the label path is clean and free of debris. This will include any stuck labels or the glue from stuck labels, dust from paper labels passing through and any other debris that gets into the label path during regular operation. Sensors getting covered by any debris in any way will completely prevent the printer from ever having a chance to calibrate.

The next thing to look for is the proper loading of the media. When loading the printer with labels and ribbon, if used, close attention needs to be paid to the drawing on the inside wall of the printer. A diagram of the intended media path is drawn on the inside wall in black. The diagram shows arrows of the intended path to ensure the media is routed properly through the printer so the sensors have the best chance of calibrating the media.

Now that the label path is cleaned and the media is properly routed through the printer it’s time to force the printer to run through a calibration process. The easiest way is to turn the printer off and turn it back on. The printer should go through a power on self-test and then begin a short calibration process. The printer should stop on the tear line and feed only one label at a time.

If your 110Xi III+ did not go through the calibration process then another way to try is to press the ‘Calibration’ button on the control panel located at the front of the printer. First, open the printhead completely using the release lever and gently close it right back down. Press the ‘Calibrate’ button and the printer will then begin a calibration process. Ensure the printer has stopped on the tear line and feeds one label at a time only.

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Zebra 110Xi III Plus Not Calibrating

Zebra 110Xi III Plus Not Calibrating

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