Used SATO Barcode Printers

Used SATO Barcode Printers
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Barcode Trading Post specializes in used Sato printers – designed to create an economical solution for your printing needs. We carry hundreds of used Sato printers in inventory, from the most recent models to discontinued and legacy technologies. Find Your Solution >

Types of Used SATO Barcode Printers

Used Desktop Barcode Printers

Used Sato barcode printersDesktop barcode printer are ideal for applications where space and budget are limited. They have a compact design that fits neatly on your desk, countertop, or POS station. A desktop thermal barcode printer creates an image by applying heat directly to a direct thermal label or tag, or to a direct thermal/thermal transfer print mechanism, which can also use a ribbon to create a more durable image. Desktop barcode printers work best with paper labels and tags which are larger than 1.5″ x 0.5″. A barcode label printer is also the perfect choice for printing vinyl jewelry labels.

Used MidRange Barcode Printers

Used Sato barcode printersWith the Sato bar code printer you can count on consistent reliable performance at an affordable price. The Sato bar-code printer features state-of-the-art technology. It can accommodate a full-size roll of media within the printer minimizing media maintenance and label contamination by airborne dust or moisture. Lightweight yet highly durable this printer can easily be moved from one workstation to the next.

Used Industrial Barcode Printers

Used Sato barcode printersAn industrial barcode printer can handle a wide variety of media sizes, from very small serial labels on cell phone components to very large chemical drum labels. They can also handle a wide variety of media types that are flexible enough to wrap around a vial or durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions outdoors. With faster processors and built-in memory, industrial barcode label printers are able to handle more complex label designs quicker than a desktop barcode printer. Some industrial barcode printers have configurations with higher resolution printheads for printing very small labels or highly detailed graphics.

Used Mobile Barcode Printers

Used Sato barcode printersA mobile barcode printer fits applications that require labels or receipts to be printed on-site, on-demand. They are small and lightweight enough to be clipped on a belt or hung on your shoulder with a strap. Most mobile barcode label printers are direct thermal only. They are available with a number of features to make your printing on-the-go that much easier, such as models that can take linerless media, reducing the hassle and mess of the used label liner.


Used SATO Barcode Printers - brand 1019


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Used SATO Barcode Printers - testimonial by Josh


It was a great business decision for me and my company to go with BCTP. After speaking with their lead specialist, we narrowed it down to a used SATO barcode printer. I didn't have any issues getting or using this product; it was a great printer for my purposes.

Used SATO Barcode Printers - testimonial by Paul


We needed an industrial barcode printer for our large warehouse, and BCTP really delivered. The used printer was in great condition and I was impressed by the custom packaging that came with the printer.