Used RFID Products

Used RFID Products
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RFID – it’s the latest innovation in barcode technology and the buzzword you’ve heard everyone talking about. If the price tag on RFID equipment seems overwhelming, consult BCTP about available stock of RFID products. Learn more about YOUR best solution >

Used RFID Products

  • Like new – The product’s condition is identical to a new product.
  • Excellent – The product will show light scratches or aesthetic blemishes but will function as a new product.
  • Average – The product will show visible wear and tear but will function as a new product.

Your RFID equipment is supported by a 30-day warranty. For extended coverage, BCTP offers additional warranty service. To ensure the smooth integration of your RFID equipment, BCTP offers free pre and post-purchase technical support.

To reach a Barcode Trading Post sales representative to create or upgrade your barcoding solution, please call us at: 1.888.317.3440. You may also contact a representative at Barcode Trading Post.

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Used RFID Products - testimonial by Jess


I really enjoyed working with the service representatives at BCTP. Our lead specialist was extremely helpful with our questions and picked a solution that made sense for us.

Used RFID Products - testimonial by Tanya


Our transportation company needed RFID printers to replace our older pieces. The printers were in great condition and we received great and timely service.