Used Datamax Printers

Used Datamax Printers
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Datamax has a diverse line of printers in the barcoding industry. Under this brand you can find a stationary printer, a mobile printer, even down to your receipt printers. With hundreds of used Datamax printers in our inventory, relieve your barcode needs immediately. Contact Us >

Used Datamax Printers: Legacy and Repairs

If you want or need a legacy Datamax product, BCTP can source discontinued products for you. Or needing a Datamax repair? Check out our Repair Program.




Used Datamax Printers - brand 622

Why Buy, Sell, or Repair at BCTP

Used Datamax Printers - brand 893 Used Datamax Printers - brand 715 Used Datamax Printers - brand 714 Used Datamax Printers - brand 716


Used Datamax Printers - testimonial by Christine


At BCTP, I was able to get several company items checked off. First we needed to repair our system's only barcode printer; then we needed to start our search for an additional printer. We were able to quickly find an affordable product with Barcode Trading Post.

Used Datamax Printers - testimonial by Patrick


One of the benefits of living in the Dallas area is its proximity to BCTP. Our team needed a fleet of used barcode printers for our operation, and they responded immediately. We got quality items, but also a great deal.