Used Cognitive Barcode Printers

Used Cognitive Barcode Printers
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While the prospect of integrating a Used Cognitive barcode printer into your application may seem daunting to your budget, Barcode Trading Post specializes in used Cognitive printers – designed to create an economical solution for your printing needs. Get Your Quote Here

Used Cognitive Barcode Printers

BCTP offers used Cognitive barcode printers in several conditions, from average to like new. A rigid testing process, including cleaning and inspection of the printhead and mechanical and electronic assemblies, guarantees the functionality of your used barcode printer. A 30-day return period is provided to assure you of the quality of our used Cognitive printers.

Repair Program

BCTP can also perform repairs on your current and legacy model Cognitive barcode printers. Our licensed technicians have years of experience, and all of our repairs are covered by a 60 day warranty to guarantee the work done. Find out more about our barcode repairs services for a valuable alternative to replacing your existing hardware.



Used Cognitive Barcode Printers - brand 1032



Used Cognitive Barcode Printers - testimonial by Sam


We found the used mobile printers to be extremely efficient for our company. Before we had a desktop printer, but with BCTP's recommendation, we made the smart decision to switch to mobile. Now our employees are able to be productive around the store.

Used Cognitive Barcode Printers - testimonial by Andrew


We got an industry specific product, the healthcare barcode printer from BCTP. The quality was good and the delivery time was fast. We used the printers right away, with no issues or dilemmas.