Trade Up

Trade Up
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Trade-up when outdated equipment creates unnecessary clutter. Trade-up when your technology is in desperate need of an upgrade. Receive a competitive edge with the latest equipment and brands. If you are not sure of condition or functionality, BCTP offers consultation on your used equipment.

Trade-Up Process

Designed to minimize the commitment of your time. Simplicity is the key to our unique trade-in process.

  • Simply submit a list of used barcode equipment that you wish to trade into your BCTP specialist.
  • Receive a quote for the trade-in to you.
  • Once the equipment has been evaluated, you may choose how you would like the value used.

For customers, the trade-in value can be added to the account as a credit. Other customers may receive the trade-in value by credit card or check payment.

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Trade Up - brand 704 Trade Up - brand 689 Trade Up - brand 623 Trade Up - brand 621


Trade Up - brand 724 Trade Up - brand 714 Trade Up - brand 658 Trade Up - brand 716


Trade Up - testimonial by Kate


The trade-up program is great. Our team was able to get our broken scanners over to the technicians at BCTP. Since we are located near the North Texas area, we received our shipment in a couple of days. Happy to say the upgrade was a success.

Trade Up - testimonial by Greg


After a brief phone call, followed by a email quote, I sent in our equipment to BCTP for assessment. I decided to go with BCTP because of the loads of brands available in their inventory. If I was needing a specific brand or type of equipment, they wither had available or was able to source it for me.