Symbol LS4278 scans, won’t transmit…

Symbol LS4278 scans, won’t transmit


Does your Symbol LS4278 scans, but won’t transmit the barcode information? The most common cause for this is failure of the LS4278 scanner paired correctly to the scanner base.  Make sure your scanner is paired correctly with the scanner base by scanning the barcode located on the top of the scanner base. Wait a few seconds, and at that point you should be correctly repaired. You will also likely hear a beep from the LS4278 scanner confirming your connection. Another thing to consider is the scanner’s internal battery. Low charged or old batteries can cause this issue as well. Please contact Barcode Trading Post for replacement scanners or batteries. You can also try the printing the USB barcode PDF. It may just need to be programmed for HID. Print the link below and scan the barcode marked with the *.

USB LS4278


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