My Intermec CK3 won’t connect…

If you are having issues with your Intermec CK3 connecting to your PC when cradled, here are a couple common solutions.

1. Make sure Windows Mobile Device Center is properly installed on your PC.

2. Check the bottom of the device at the communication connection and make sure it does not appear damaged. Check specifically for bent or broken pins.

3. Check the cradle communication connection area as well, for anything that might be blocking the CK3 from getting a good connection.

For more detailed information or if these solutions don’t seem to correct the problem, please contact us @ (888) 317-3440. We can send you a service order that includes all the details on how to send in your device for a FREE evaluation.


If your Intermec CK3 is having problems, please fill out this form to have us contact you, or call 888.317.3440 to arrange a free consultation.

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