Barcode Maintenance

Barcode Maintenance
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What is better than an extended warranty? Maintenance coverage on equipment purchases from Barcode Trading Post. With this program, you get barcode maintenance for any BCTP purchase, under your suggested contract period.

Coverage is available on equipment purchased from any source, and can be purchased for lots of any size – from individual units to company-wide contracts. We also offer barcode repair.

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Barcode Maintenance - brand 704 Barcode Maintenance - brand 690 Barcode Maintenance - brand 646

Maintenance Process


Barcode Maintenance - testimonial by Barry


I am a new user of used products so I was very impressed by the service of BCTP techs and specialists. They helped us figure out the best option for products and a post-maintenance plan. We wanted preventive inputs on our recent purchases, just to ensure a steady usage. But instead of making us wait a full business week, BCTP immediately sent loaner barcode equipment for our company to use.

Barcode Maintenance - testimonial by Jamie


It was a great idea for me to "stay in the family" and contract with BCTP. They already knew the equipment and repair process so well that I, along with my co-workers, knew they could be trusted with additional repairs and maintenance. Since our company had many scanners on hand, we used the Depot option, and received our items within the specified time period.