Zebra 110XiIII+ Bad Printhead ?

Do you have a Zebra 110XiIII+ with a bad printhead? Do you have vertical lines that consistently are showing on each label you print? If so, your Zebra printer is in need of a new printhead. Over time printheads do wear down and pixels on the printhead burn out. Once you have a printhead with any burnt out pixels, there is nothing more you can do other than replace the printhead with a new one. Here at Barcode Trading Post we can help you not only purchase a new printhead for your Zebra printer, but we can also perform the service installation at our in house repair facilities.  Please contact us for more options and details.

If your Zebra 110XiIII+ printer is having problems, please fill out this form to have us contact you, or call 888.317.3440 to arrange a free consultation.

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